Strengthen Our Brotherhood & Bonds – Now and Forever

Step Up for DKE

Brotherhood and bonds! Isn’t that what we took away from the Deke House and still cherish today? Our rituals, our relationships, our common history helped form incredibly strong and meaningful bonds.

Now, to continue and to strengthen these bonds, we have launched this 175th Anniversary “Brotherhood & Bonds” Campaign. We ask for your financial support in the way of gifts and pledges. Your donation will help us (1) strengthen local chapters and DKE International through educational and leadership programs; (2) give future brothers what we had, and (3) preserve DKE in the face of mounting attacks against fraternal organizations.

Your gifts to the Deke Foundation are tax deductible, and you can allocate up to 50% to your chapter to cover vital programs like scholarship awards, leadership training, career education, alcohol and drug training, and hazing prevention.

Are you ready to Step Up for DKE? Just click the DONATE NOW box. Thank you for your support!

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